Everyone CAN Craft CIC

We believe that everyone can craft whatever their ability or disability. Everyone therefore can experience how crafting improves their well-being.

To find out more go to www.everyonecancraft.co.uk

  • Two toned mugs

    Some of the mugs have been printed on mugs that have a blue handle and are blue inside. They look rather special.

    Take a look at our blue and white mugs 
  • Enamel mugs

    Some people call these tin mugs. they are good for those times when a ceramic mug might break too easily. Take it camping or let someone who might drop it easily use it.

    Take a look at our enamel mugs 
  • Water bottles

    Put an emergency supply of water in your bag when you take your crafting to the park or anywhere else you take it.

    Take a look at our water bottles 

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